Our Ingredients

Only the right ingredients make the right flavours. That’s why we go through a rigorous process of finding and only using the best ingredients to create our vibrant flavours.


Diced Tomatoes

At the heart of any great Italian tomato-based sauces are diced, vibrant tomatoes that provide leafy and floral flavours. We pick ours only from the Mediterranean area, ensuring that they are always the perfect colour, flavour and texture.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Our oils have to be just right. That’s why we use extra-virgin olive oil. And one with an extra glossy texture and delicious flavour. The notes they deliver have a distinctive fruity aroma, which compliments our sauces perfectly.


Nothing kicks like aromatic garlic. Added to any dish, garlic emphasises flavour combinations. It also takes those combinations and heightens the intensity. That's why we love to use it.

Black olives

Aged, cured and bathed in salt and brine, these olives deliver an unmistakable taste. A taste that compliments the sweeter flavours of our sauces.

Italian Cheese

What's a great Italian sauce without great Italian cheese? Not much. That's why we use a rich, strong yet slightly acidic Parmigianino. A Ricotta that's creamy in texture, mouth-watering and tangy in flavour. And a Mascarpone that has a very rich dairy flavour, while maintaining a delectable texture.

Sicilian lemon juice

The juice from a Sicilian lemon has just the right level of acidity to balance out the sweetness of the richer ingredients. It also lifts the flavour profile for a fresher, more prominent taste. A taste that we’ve only found in Sicily.

And of course, you need a lot of passion and know-how to tie these ingredients all together. That’s why, like our ingredients, we only hand pick the very best and brightest chefs to join the Loyd Grossman team and create these wonderful flavours. A team so obsessive and dedicated that they work and rework the sauces until they’re just right. Some would say that passion and know-how are really the key ingredients in our sauces.